Each collection offered by Raven + Lily strives to be fair trade, eco- friendly, and a means through which women around the world can lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty, violence, and exploitation. Their latest line of jewelry highlights the skills of Maasai women.

“When we started Raven + Lily, we felt that the most effective way to alleviate poverty was to provide women with sustainable income generating opportunities. Sophia Lin (co-founder) and I are fashion and design fanatics, so we combined our love of design with our passion to empower women. The designs must be modern and fashion forward while also reflecting the beauty and culture of the women. I think the more consumers are aware of the negative social impacts in the fashion world, the more they are looking for an alternative of something with a positive social impact without compromising great style.  We are seeing the trend of sustainable fashion growing and it’s very exciting.” says Kirsten Dickerson.

Their efforts are a part of a Kickstarter campaign that aims to reverse the practice of FGM. They hope that their partnership will help to pay respect to a vibrant culture as well as ensure the health and wellbeing of its women.
“I would love to see a whole generation of young girls thrive. While the community remains very traditional in much of their lifestyle, they have decided to empower women in non-traditional ways. Our orders help fund efforts to eradicate FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) as well as send girls to school for the first time in that region. This is beautiful and I’m so honored to support these efforts to honor women while still honoring their culture.”

For a minimum pledge of $40, donors can receive a beautiful beaded gold bangle to accent their wardrobe while also immediately employing Maasai women. Each bracelet fuses contemporary style with traditional workmanship, standing as a symbol of strength and beauty both for the artisans and the women who wear them. Paying tribute to the talent and worth of the women who create the accessories, buyers around the world can proudly display their support for female solidarity and empowerment.

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