The Body Shop wants you to help it build a bio-bridge. What’s a bio-bridge? Described simply, a bio-bridge is a green corridor that connects wildlife habitats that have been fragmented by human activity such as highways, development, or logging. Think of it as a kind of road crossing that helps estranged flora and fauna reconnect and flourish in unison. Through its new initiative, the global beauty brand aims to regenerate and protect 75 million square meters of rainforest around the world by 2020, beginning with Vietnam. Over the coming months, a single purchase at participating Body Shop stores will help fund the restoration of one square meter of rainforest.

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“Bio-Bridges are an innovative way to create protected corridors of biodiversity that allow the wider forest to flourish and its inhabitants to breed and thrive,” Christopher Davis, The Body Shop’s director of corporate responsibility and campaigns, said in a statement. “In Vietnam, within five to 10 years, we hope to be able to see endangered species multiply.”

But that’s just the start.

As part of its pledge to become the “world’s most sustainable business,” The Body Shop will also double the number of ingredients—from 19 to 40—it sources through its community trade program, which engages indigenous farmers who foster biodiverse environments that protect the planet from the effects of climate change.

The bio-bridges, The Body Shop said, will help provide a more sustainable way of life for the people who live in the surrounding areas.

“We want to focus on actively enriching the world’s biodiversity. These areas of forest…are biological treasure troves that are being destroyed through poaching and illegal logging,” Davis said.

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For its inaugural project, The Body Shop is working with World Land Trust and its partner, the Viet Nature Conservation Centre, to revitalize an area of the Khe Nuoc Trong forest, home of rare and endangered species such as the red-shanked douc, the saola, the Bengal slow loris, and the Burmese python.

It also plans to play matchmaker for “Reggie,” a fictive red-shanked douc who will serve as the public face of a “Help Reggie Find Love” campaign.

For the scattered groups of monkeys who reside in the forest’s canopies, a bio-bridge is the equivalent of a singles mixer.

To promote the cause, The Body Shop has transformed London’s Westminster Bridge into a pseduo-bio-bridge, complete with five six-foot-tall monkey topiaries made to resemble Reggie.

“To help raise awareness of this serious issue in a different way and allow our customers to make a direct and positive impact with every purchase, 65 countries across the world will share the ‘Help Reggie Find Love’ campaign online and in-stores,” Davis added.

Light some candles; romance is in the air.

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