When it comes to sustainably constructed skate-and-surf shoes, Vans has been making big strides. Its latest attempt is the animal-free 106 SF, a classic après-surf sneaker that features uppers made from hemp or recycled PET, along with water-based dyes and glues that are gentler on the environment.

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The one-piece outsole is made by injection mold, a process that is virtually waste-free. Another waste-reducing masterstroke comes in the form of the footbed lining, which is made from Dri-lex Bamboo, a patented material that requires no trimming or cutting. And say what you like about hemp kicks but the shoes don’t look half bad either, with clean lines and myriad colors that are raring to take on summer.

+ 106 SF Hemp $60

+ 106 SF PET $60

+ Vans