Katy Perry’s luminescent getup at the Met Gala has at least one paper of record asking if wearable technology is the future of fashion. (Telegraph)

Nicole Bridger snags the title of Canada’s favorite eco-fashion designer by winning the inaugural Design Forward Award from Fashion Takes Action. (Fashion Takes Action)

Hessnatur, the world’s largest natural apparel company, has been certified as a B (for “benefit”) corporation for its “commitment to the highest social and environmental standards.” (CSRwire)

Japan is clamping down on organic-cotton labeling by requiring manufacturers to state the percentage of organic cotton fibers in their products, as well as ensure traceability along the supply chain. (Ecotextile News)

Method will be chugging down the streets of NYC with its “Wash Smart, Give Smart” mobile laundry room/truck to encourage people to donate their duds, which will be washed and dried onboard on their way to Goodwill. (Springwise)


“Few understand that fashion is so powerful. It is not superficial, as so many think. It has the ability to change lives and lift millions out of poverty.”
—Ali Hewson, co-founder of EDUN, to the Sunday Times.