Photo by Diana Eng

The latest covetable fashion item happens to be wired with LEDs, biosensors, and piezoelectric circuits. (Forbes)

Initiate a random act of kindness, get a 20 percent discount at Desigual or free swag. (Springwise)

Designer Tara St. James is going to tackle all 18 questions on Estethica/Made-By’s sustainable-fashion questionnaire on her blog. (The Square Project)

Cotton prices are set to rise, which means consumers could see markups of 5 to 8 percent as early as February—or a lot more polyester in their future. (New York Times)

Jill Danyelle celebrates the fifth anniversary of her seminal—and dearly missed—eco-fashion blog, FiftyRX3, by reflecting on how the industry has evolved in the past half-decade. (Danyelle)

Goodlifer’s Johanna Björk wants to school Anna Wintour on what eco-fashion truly means. And no, it doesn’t involve fur. (Concrete Flower)