A recording artist, musician, rapper, producer, and fashion designer, Pharrell Williams is the consummate multihyphenate entertainer. One appellation we didn’t see coming? Eco-fashion zealot. Longtime Pharrell fanatics won’t be surprised, however. The Grammy Award winner owns Bionic Yarn, a New York-based textile company that makes fabric from recycled plastic bottles. For Fall/Winter 2010, Pharrell has teamed up with Franco-Italian activewear label Moncler to launch a special-edition collection of men’s jackets made entirely from Bionic Yarn fabric.

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The five-piece line, dubbed “Pharrell & Moncler,” comprises a retooled version of the classic Moncler jacket, along with new designs. The key garment, according to Moncler, is the “pacifist version” of the bulletproof vest, an antithetical concept inspired, perhaps, by the unlikely union of ecology and hip-hop.

The key garment, according to Moncler, is the “pacifist version” of the bulletproof vest.

The decorative motif emblazoned on each jacket’s green-and-black lining comes from “Dark Forest,” a series of evocative photographs by Japanese artist Keita Sugiura. The resultant ménage à trois, notes the press release, marries the “experience of Moncler, the eclecticism and artistic sensitivity of Pharrell, and Keita Sugiura’s pure and uncontaminated vision of nature.” Word.

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