Hipsters for Sisters are the designers behind these cool eco-friendly belt handbags that sit on the hip. Loosely based on the money belt – a longtime favourite of backpackers for its convenience and security – these hip belts are also booming in popularity in the fashion world. But now these designs have been given a unique and stylish twist, using hard-wearing vegan materials to ensure the stylish designs are as environmentally conscious as possible.

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“As a company, we are committed to manufacturing our products locally, right here in Los Angeles,” says Hipsters for Sisters’ Debra Denniston. The belts are ethically made with a family-run company who in turn employ craftspeople providing fair wages and safe working conditions. This helps put ethical business practice at the heart of the eco-friendly brand.

The designers use a huge range of greener alternatives to typical materials, such as polyurethane fabric, as opposed to leather and PVC. These vegan-leathers are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified to be eco-friendly – the ultimate benchmark of environmentally safety. “This means,” says Debra, “that it is free from organic solvents, odors and environmental toxins such as formaldehyde, pesticides, phenols, chlorine, heavy metals, carcinogenic and allergy-inducing dyes.”

Their microsuede bags are made from either Ultrasuede or Sensuede, a high-performance textile responsibly engineered with recycled polyester fibers. Debra says that this uses a pure recycling process free from organic solvents, resulting in high quality textiles that saves on petroleum resources.

As well as this the hardware is made from Low Lead Brass under 100ppm and chains of copper-clad aluminium which are lead-free. As well as all this they use 100% natural hemp webbing and 100% organic cotton wherever these materials are needed. Their thorough environmental consciousness and ethical attitude makes Hipsters for Sisters attractive designs all the more appealing. Check out their website for more details.

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