The model looks as confused as we do.

Très embarrassant! H&M announces its Garden Collection for spring—a medley of recycled polyester, organic cotton, and organic linen—just as the mini-scandal broke over its 34th St. Manhattan store’s less-than-sustainable practices. (Nitrolicious)

File this under Department of WTF? A New York-based company is working with an unnamed European luxury house to embed DNA markers in its products to thwart counterfeiters. The DNA is botanical, not animal, but that doesn’t make it less weird. (Toronto Sun)

This ultra-limited-edition Talon Cuff, made from 10-30,000-year-old mammoth talons (!), looks like something that slithered out of Mordor. (Refinery 29)

We just have three words for you: Interactive. Sonic. Capes. (Fashioning Technology)

Mr. Larkin may have won your hearts in 2009, but who’s gearing up to take 2010 by storm? Textiles editor Abigail Doan has the 411. (Ecco*Eco)


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