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“When a customer prints out one of our designs there is immediate transparency as they are the only manufacturer,” Pieters tells Ecouterre. “Which means we also avoid all unethical labor issues the fashion industry is currently facing.”

Fashion should embrace its digital destiny, he adds, not only for the sake of the planet, but also because it makes financial sense.

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“I believe this new way of purchasing fashion items will empower the client in a very positive way,” Pieters says. “There is no longer any transportation, which is great for the environment and also eliminates transportation costs. For young designers, there is no more minimum quantity orders needed. There are also no costs on pattern development or molds necessary.”

Pieters recommends using biodegradable or recycled filaments as the prototyping feedstock. He also anticipates a time when 3D printing is even more sustainable. “Soon shredders are coming out that will allow the customers to turn their unwanted prints into new filaments,” he says, “so they can recycle at home.”

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