“The fact that solutions, real solutions, exist today and they are not being used. People are still giving reasons for not acting more responsibly. But part of my job is to let people know that all those reasons have now become excuses.

“Through the research we have done at Honest By I can assure you that the solutions are there. And the only reason why it is not happening is because we are not asking them to change. One needs to understand that money is a language. The only language the industry speaks. Every time I buy something I want to make my voice heard. …

“The most important thing I did in my life was to change my mind. That is the definition of evolution. If we wouldn’t change our mind, women would still not have the right to vote and African Americans would still be slaves. Change your mind, change your shopping list.”

Bruno Pieters, designer of transparency-led label Honest By, speaking to The True Cost director Andrew Morgan about what troubles him most about the fashion industry.