Extruded plastic baubles not your thing? Rapid-prototype firm Hot Pop Factory just unveiled the world’s first three-dimensionally printed wooden necklaces. Named after the northern forest, the limited-edition “Boreal” collection, uses recycled cherrywood filaments instead of the typical powdered nylon. Mixed with a binding polymer, the material even emanates the “slightest scent of charred wood” during the 42-minute printing process, according to founders Matt Compeau and Bi-Ying Miao, who use a Makerbot Replicator for their fabrications. The resulting curvature and heat-induced striations, much like fingerprints or the rings of a tree, are unique to each individual piece.

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Their texture may be more plywood than hardwood, but the organic nature of the necklaces is no less compelling. “These pieces take advantage of cutting-edge technology while maintaining a subtle and sophisticated aesthetic,” the duo tells Ecouterre.

The sinuous planks boast an uneven “grain” that belies their industrial origin.

Strung up on either gold-filled or sterling silver chains, sinuous planks even boast an uneven “grain” that belies their industrial origin. Hot Pop Factory isn’t kidding about the exclusiveness of each item, either. Once a particular design is sold, it’s gone forever.

+ Boreal Necklace $132-$157

+ Hot Pop Factory