There are few sensations more wretched than the feeling of sopping-wet, freezing-cold denim weighing down on your thighs. But no amount of fist-shaking at the skies will circumvent Murphy’s Law of sudden, unexpected downpours, especially when you’re stranded on a bike path just south of Nowhere. Enter the new Epic Drover by Howies, an organic cotton jean that also happens to be water-resistant, meaning that raindrops will bead and slide off your legs instead of soaking through.

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Howies’s patented Epic cotton is derived from an “encapsulation process” (per the company) that coats each individual fiber with an ultra-thin layer of environmentally safe, solvent-free, water-repellent polymer. It only looks and feels like regular denim, but it behaves like a high-tech performance fabric.

It only looks and feels like regular denim, but it behaves like a performance fabric.

The jean itself, based on Howies’s bestselling Drover design, comes with a classic five-pocket fit, a button waist and fly, and triple stitching.

Gray skies are gonna clear up…

+ Epic Drover Jeans £95

+ Howies