You’ve heard of the hunter becoming the hunted, but what about a hunting jacket that transforms into a hunting trophy? That’s the whole idea behind designer Rohan Chhabra’s irony-laced outerwear. The plaid coat, which would look just as stylish on a city street as it would in the middle of a forest, is both a statement against animal cruelty and a multipurpose garment. Plus, it doubles as a conversation-starting home accessory.

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The thought-provoking design is part of Embodying Ethics, a series of stand-alone pieces that question the materials, origin, and manufacturing of a product while turning the idea of consumption on its head. The project aims to explore Design with a capital D’s ability to not only provide answers, but also ask its own socially fueled questions about ethics and value.

The jacket is part of a series that questions the materials, manufacturing, and consumption of a product.

The jacket itself isn’t your typical wearable-turned-animal-head, either. Equipped with many pockets and zippered compartments, the multifunctional garment can transform into several different “modes” of jacket, including a lined coat, a lighter-weight quilted jacket, and a fitted city windbreaker.

Another upside: You don’t have to store the jacket in the depths of your closet during the warmer months. Simply collapse the jacket upon itself and hang it on your living-room wall as a 100 percent cruelty-free hunting trophy.

+ Rohan Chhabra

[Via Designboom]