From a faux-leather bag inspired by the first animal to be sent into space—it was a rhesus monkey, if you’re curious—to an earth-toned crocodile coat that pairs artisanal beadwork with natural plant dyes, the nine nature-inspired looks convey the color and texture of fur and leather in a responsible, humane manner. But handcrafted techniques weren’t the only ones employed. The designers also harnessed cutting-edge innovations like rapid-prototype printing.

The nine nature-inspired looks convey fur’s colors and textures in a responsible and humane manner.

“This was an exploration into fashion’s fascination with nature and in particular, animals,” says Rob Philips, HyperNatureSuperHuman’s creative director. “This project shows nature’s vast inspirational influence on our student designers who took this protest project even further as these delicate, sensitive, and fully considered results show.”

+ HyperNatureSuperHuman

+ London College of Fashion