Pretty soon, the shirt on your back is all you need to cure what ails you. A new high-tech fabric by Schoeller Textil AG in Switzerland promises to convey therapeutic treatments transdermally, or through the skin. Unlike single-use syringes or patches, “iLoad” can be washed and reloaded with new medical agents after each use. With applications in sports and wellness, the system comprises a base fabric with a negatively charged “donor layer” that soaks up the positively charged medical emulsion like a sponge.

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Triggered by warmth, perspiration, and physical activity, the fabric releases the active substance into the wearer’s skin over the course of minutes or hours, depending on the type and purpose of the application. Once depleted, the garment can be tossed into an industrial or domestic washing machine to remove any lingering residue, rendering it ready for reuse.

Once depleted, the garment can be tossed into an industrial or domestic washing machine to render it ready for reuse.

The iLoad system can hold more than one medical agent at a time without irritating the skin. It has also passed the cytotoxicity test, according to Schoeller. More important, all components are certified by Bluesign, one of the world’s most stringent textile standards for environmental protection, health, and safety.

The possibilities iLoad presents are wide-ranging, from treating skin disorders to creating odor-neutralizing activewear. Cosmetics, wellness, and even anti-aging technologies are other avenues worth exploring, resulting in clothes that not only deliver warmth and style but also improve our quality of life.

+ Schoeller Textil AG

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