Innovative musician, Imogen Heap has been working on a way to change the way music is created and now is sharing her tool with the world – an interactive glove that controls sound through movement. The Mi.Mu Glove was developed by Heap and a team of engineers and designers who wanted to step away from their computers and make music more like a guitarist, drummer or piano player do. The piece of wearable technology offers wireless interconnectivity to computers and sound equipment and can be programmed by the wearer to control thousands of different sound options. Heap is now sharing her Mi.Mu glove with the world through open source code and a Kickstarter Campaign to get your very own.

Imogen Heap is a big fan of wearable technology and made waves back in 2010 when she showed up in a Twitter Dress that displayed real-time tweets from her fans. For years though, she’s been trying to figure out a way to change the way she makes her crazy and eclectic music, which usually involves multiple instruments, computers, keyboards and much more. She has been working with a team of designers and engineers to develop a set of gloves that control her computers and music making.

The gloves feature an impressive array of sensors, haptic motors, gyroscopes, accelerometers, and WiFi capability to track hand positions and connect the wearer with the computer. Hand positions, like a fist or pointed finger can be programmed to control different sounds, volume or other controls. The WiFi connection lets you move wherever you want without being tethered to a spot. The gloves can also connect with practically every music software out there.

While the Mi.Mu Glove certainly isn’t the first gestural glove out there, or even the first wearable that lets you make music, but the team has only been focussed on making a glove specifically for music. “The Gloves are my dream come true, beautiful wearable-tech garments, that allow me to break the barrier between me: the musician, the creative and elements of my chosen computer software instruments, effects or workstation,” Heap says. “I can now bring those sounds ‘out of the box’, gesturally, expressively and wirelessly where I’ve found other external controllers have failed.” Heap and her team are offering up their gloves and code through a Kickstarter Campaign. Heap and her gloves have also recently been featured as part of the MOMENTUM campaign launched by audio specialist Sennheiser in collaboration with Spotify.

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