Photos by Kate Benjamin for Moderncat

For centuries, the crazy cat gentlemen of the world have received the short end of the scratching post (so to speak). No longer. To celebrate Hairball Awareness Day, Kate Benjamin of Moderncat partnered with jewelry designer Heidi Abrahamson to create a series of menswear accessories that has cat ownership writ large.

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With the help of the Furminator, a pet-grooming tool designed to reach under the top coat to tease out loose hair, Abramhamson created cuff links by nestling orange tabby “hairballs” in a pair of handcrafted sterling-silver bowls—the “perfect accessory for the dapper cat guy,” Benjamin says. To finish the look, the duo fashioned a sterling-silver tie clip, complete with three hairball “pearls.”

Abramhamson created cuff links by nestling orange tabby “hairballs” in handcrafted sterling-silver bowls.

In 2011, Benjamin and Abramhamson collaborated on a series of women’s accessories from shed feline locks, including a necklace, earrings, and a cocktail ring.

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