Napping has never been so easy, thanks to a new inflatable hoodie. Designed by Josh Woodle, and manufactured in the U.S. of A., the “Hypnos Hoodie’s” hood transforms into an ergonomic pillow with the flick of a switch. For just $49, on-the-go, well-supported naps could be yours, along with a comfortable, oversized hoodie.

With our lives quickly filling up with 9-5s, freelance gigs, soccer and band practice, art openings, gym classes and other social obligations, fitting in a full night of sleep is getting increasingly harder and harder. Woodle’s functional and fashionable Hypnos Hoodies lets commuters turn a train ride into a restful sleep with a supported neck.

The Hypnos Hoodie is sleek in design, carefully hiding its inflatable capabilities, and available in specked grey, charcoal grey and black. Uninflated, the hood is roomy and comfortable, blocking out wind and rain. When activated, the hood inflates in just three seconds, and is designed to contour to cradle your head, whatever position it may be in.

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Deflating is also quick, and the hood returns to wearable size in just a few seconds. The Hypno Hoodie pillow can also be used when the hoodie is off, if the user gets too hot. It fits comfortably in the crook of the neck ergonomically as well.

Hypnos Hoodie comes in three styles- an over the head, a zip front, and a jacket, as well as in kids sizing. With its comfortable inflatable hood, the Hypnos Hoodie is perfect for the avid traveler, jet setter, over worker and modern nomad on the go.

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