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More than 170 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this year by decking their yards, their bodies, and even their pets in spooky paraphernalia, according to USAgain, a clothing-recycling firm based in Chicago. The hair-raising part? Nearly 85 percent of those textiles are doomed to a grisly end: the landfill. Click below the fold for the spine-chilling statistics and learn how you can scare up a greener ‘ween with a few simple tips.

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1. DO-IT-YOURSELF: Save money and resources by whipping up your costume from things you already have around your house. Check out these seven last-minute Halloween getups that are likely lurking in your closet.

2. SWAP: Exchange costumes with family and friends and give old costumes a second (after)life.

3. REUSE: Thrift stores are a great place to hunt for gently used Halloween costumes and decorations. We scored nine iconic looks for under $15 apiece.

4. RECYCLE: Don’t be haunted by non-recyclable candy wrappers. Turn those dearly departed treats into colorful eco-friendly jewelry.

+ USAgain