It’s easy to fall into stereotypes regarding Africa. A new line of totes by British label Talented, however, seeks to remind the West of the continent’s richness, diversity, and nuances. Designed by company director Julia Gash—and inspired by a French Senegalese intern—“Things I Know About Africa” couples striking Dutch-wax prints with facts about the region. Each tote is made in a fair-trade facility in India and printed locally in Yorkshire.

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Gash wanted to make a positive statement about Africa, “which is full of stunning, geographical landmarks, beautiful flora and fauna as well as a rich cultural heritage,” she told Pretty Nice on Monday. “The overall effect is one of unadulterated innocence and wide-eyed wonder of this magnificent place and is a celebration of Africa as a continent.”

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Another bonus? Gash is donating her entire design commission to help Doctors Without Borders in its fight against ebola.

“Ebola is a challenge for us all,” she added. “The world will never be quiet, but we can always choose to make a difference.”

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