If there’s one thing that designer Dandi Maestre knows, it’s that you can’t tame nature, so why bother? The former graphic designer plunders Gaia’s backyard for treasures-in-the-rough and crafts them into oversized sartorial statements: shed antlers become an avant-garde necklace, reclaimed driftwood transforms into a chunky cuff, and dyed exotic nuts are carved into psychedelic rings.

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Edgy and bold, the organic accessories revel in their raw and exotic splendor, inspired no doubt, by Maestres’s childhood in her native Colombia. Although she’s now based in Toronto, Maestre’s frequent travels, along with her respect of indigenous and tribal cultures, color much of her ethnic-inspired aesthetic.

Maestre’s accessories showed up at the Thieves by Sonja den Elzen show at New York Fashion Week.

If you’re gripped by a niggling sense of deja vu, your eyes don’t deceive you. Some of Maestre’s accoutrements garnished the Fall/Winter 2010 ensembles of fellow Torontonian Sonja den Elzen at the GreenShows at New York Fashion Week.

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