Intel and French fashion house, Opening Ceremony have partnered together to create the most luxurious piece or wearable technology we’ve seen yet. MICA (My Intelligent Communication Accessory) features a display screen of sapphire glass and is coupled with semi-precious jewels and snakeskin. Available this winter in time for the holiday season through Barney’s, because who else would sell a snakeskin, bejeweled piece of wearable technology?

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MICA may just be one in a string of new high-tech devices to add functionality to your connected life, but it’s probably the only one featuring snakeskin and jewels. “With MICA, there’s no compromise on technology or aesthetics,” Opening Ceremony creative director Humberto Leon says. “It’s as intelligent as it is well-designed.” Opening Ceremony handled the design of MICA, while Intel managed the engineering.

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Both high-fashion and high-tech merged together to create a device that handles notifications, SMS messages, meeting alerts and more through a 1.6-inch sapphire touch screen. MICA will be available in two sizes and two finishes – one with black watersnake skin, pearls from China, and lapis stones from Madagascar; the other with white watersnake skin, tiger’s eye from South Africa, and obsidian from Russia. Starting during the 2014 holiday season, MICA will soon be available at select Barney’s stores.

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