Now you see ’em, now you don’t: Brazilian footwear designer Andreia Chaves has created the world’s first “invisible” shoe, which uses flexible mirrors to create an obscured optical effect. (Yatzer)

Semantics, schmemantics? How would you untangle the definitions of fast versus slow fashion? (Fashion Incubator)

American shoppers could be wearing the first fair-trade-certified togs in the U.S. as early as spring 2010. (TreeHugger)

When it comes to treading lightly on our planet, actress Amy Smart is smart by name, smart by nature. (EcoStiletto)

Much like Refinity’s click/fold system, Eunsuk Hur’s “Nomadic Wonderland” uses leather-and-felt modules that fit together to create a stunning, waste-free sartorial landscape. (Fashioning Technology)

Project (RED)’s lack of transparency may be raising some flags about the AIDS-fighting product line. (Ethical Style)