You and your family may count on Head and Shoulders shampoo to get your scalps flake-free, but a new study by Greenpeace has shown that the dandruff shampoo is linked to massive deforestation.  Made by mega-company Procter & Gamble, Head and Shoulders, among other products, derives their moisturizing palm oil from companies linked with environmental scandal. Each bottle of the shampoo can lead to support of further animal extinction, habitat destruction and forest fires.

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Palm oil is a valuable resource used in many health and beauty aids, detergents and cosmetics. The substance is natural, but the way some companies source the oil is not- causing a natural product to become “dirty”. Greenpeace deployed an investigation team to check out some of the companies within P&G’s supply team, to get a first hand account of how their palm oil is sourced.

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One source at fault was the BW Plantation Group, whose plantation is near the Tanjung Putting National Park, also an area known for a large orangutan population. Because of BW’s leveling of the habitat, many orangutans were left homeless, or even dead- as Greenpeace found a large orangutan burial near the company’s palm oil cultivation area. Other orangutan habitats have also been found leveled, leaving hundreds displaced without food or shelter of the trees.  Greenpeace also found P&G’s palm oil sources to be linked to forest fires, and destruction of other animals’ habitats, including the already endangered Sumatran tiger.

In an effort to cut the dirty palm oil from P&G and other companies’ supply chains, Greenpeace has launched a No Deforestation movement, and urges the public to join in by asking Procter & Gamble to Protect Paradise.

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