You know what they say: where there’s smoke, there’s gotta be fire. ISSI is one fledgling fashion label that has all five of our alarms a-clanging. For its debut collection, the London outfit conspired with Elvis & Kresse and an international team of award-winning artists (Lothar Götz, Olivier Millagou, Paul Morrison, and Simon Periton) to craft a series of bags and accessories from out-of-commission fire hoses. But unlike Elvis & Kresse’s now-iconic wares, ISSI’s limited-edition carryalls aren’t completely swaddled in crimson. The company managed to get its mitts on hoses of other hues, including an ultra-rare blue.

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Nearly every inch of ISSI’s totes, clutches, and wallets are composed of reclaimed materials, from the recycled-leather accents to the repurposed parachute-silk lining. Even the packaging reads like a laundry list of the contents of someone’s garbage: used Jiffy bags, tea-bag paper, old newspapers, discarded air-traffic-control flight strips, and unwanted opticians’ lens boxes.

Nearly every inch comprises reclaimed materials, from recycled leather to repurposed parachute silk lining.

The resultant designs are as varied as their designers. The striped Ludwig bowling bag by Lothar Götz spells good news for our hefty stash of travel “essentials,” if bad news for our chiropractors. Simon Periton’s insectoid Beelzebag purse comes complete with an embossed eye and yellow fire-hose mandibles. And for the lads, Livier Millagou’s Lee wallet, which he etches with his signature spiderweb motif.