A closet full of clothes, and yet nothing to wear – a first world problem for sure, but one that could make you late for work. Now a new app called IStyleMyself will make up outfits for you just like in the movie Clueless, only this time it’s on your iPhone. The app takes your clothes, shoes and accessories and matches them up according to algorithms and your likes and dislikes. Not only will it make getting ready in the morning a breeze, but you’ll make better use of all your clothes and reduce the urge to go shopping.

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IStyleMyself was started by fashion stylist Hannah Teare along with Diana Tkhamadokova – both fashionable ladies who from time to time struggled to decide what to wear. In response Teare and Tkhamadokova came up with the free mobile app that makes use of your own clothing to piece together outfits.

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“People are calling it the Tinder of fashion,” Teare explained to Vogue. “You upload pieces from your own wardrobe, then the app generates looks for you. If you don’t like the look you can swipe it, or you can swipe certain elements to get new suggestions for a different bag or shoes, for example. Think Clueless for the modern age, or a fabulous tech version of the childhood paper-doll game.”

The app’s algorithms take into account your current stock of clothing and then factor in what you like and what you don’t like via your swipes. Selecting price and occasion can also help pick the perfect outfit. Teare also says the app has helped her rediscover many pieces in her wardrobe she had forgotten about. But if you do need a key piece, the app will suggest things you could buy to freshen up your wardrobe a bit.

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