If there’s one thing your over-the-shoulder boulder holders know, it’s how fill a void. So leave it to an Italian intimates company to trade one kind of stuffing for another by recycling used bras into soundproof building insulation. To acquire a sizable stash of unmentionables, Intimissimi launched a six-week multimedia campaign to encourage women to drop off their used bras at its stores across Italy. Plus, every customer who brought in a bra received €3 ($4) towards the purchase of a new one—just in case Russian model Irina Shayk’s entreaties to “help save the planet” weren’t convincing enough.

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Why bras? “Well, why not bras?” Sandro Veronesi, president of the Calzedonia Group, which owns Intimissimi, told the New York Times. “There are programs for the scrapping of appliances, but no one thinks about what’s involved in the waste management of brassieres.”

The bra fibers are mixed with other textiles to create insulated and soundproof panels for construction.

For the actual grunt work, however, Intimissimi turned to Ovat Campagnari, a Veneto-based company that specializes in disposing and reengineering garment waste. Shredded and pulped, the bra fibers were mixed with other textiles to play a different supporting role: insulated and soundproof panels for construction. Intimacy issues? Not these walls.

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[Via The New York Times]