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Years in the making, the battle for cosmetics reform legislation is slowly making headway to make cosmetics safer for American consumers. New bills have been recently introduced by Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) and Susan Collins (R., Maine) and another by Rep. Pete Sessions (R., Tex.) in support of ingredient transparency and banning of harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, showing that legislation is ready to challenge outdated cosmetics policies. With the support of industry professionals, government advocates, healthcare specialists and environmentalists, movements like The Personal Care Products Safety Act have a real chance to see the light of day, and require the FDA to crack down and regulate ingredients in health and beauty aids in America.

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Americans use a bevy of health and beauty products each day, with an estimated 12 for women and 6 for men. The contents of these products effects nearly all of us, and the safety of their contents is as important to our health as clean air and water.

he current Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act is nearly 80 years old, having been passed by the FDA in 1938. Advocates from both industry and government are recognizing the need to expand and update this act with the growing cosmetics industry.

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John Hurson, the vice president of government affairs at the Personal Care Products Council feels that with the support of various U.S. Senators, the industry- and the FDA- is poised for reform in the coming years, led by movements like the Cosmetic Modernization Amendments Act for a safer industry.

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