Ivana Basilotta wants you to love the skin you’re in. A lifelong animal lover, the London-based designer has created a line of cruelty-free footwear that challenges leather’s position as the superior “natural” product. “No One’s Skin,” whose inaugural collection comprises a flat, pump, and a wedge boot, also seeks to defy the notion that manmade has to be environmentally destructive. Their animal-free provenance aside, Basilotta’s shoes also step lightly on the planet, with materials that include recycled microsuede, modal satin derived from beech trees, and a lining that combines non-food grains and seeds with plant-based polymers.


“I sourced the most innovative, luxurious, and environmentally friendly vegan leathers, and with the support of a friend I created the first shoe samples, working with one of the best footwear manufacturers in Italy,” she writes on her Kickstarter page. “These materials are truly superior and luxurious, intelligently created without compromising our Earth or taking the skin from its animals,” “This is fashion with compassion.”

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Shoes are only the beginning for Basilotta. If crowdfunding proves a success, she intends to expand into handbags, accessories, and even a menswear range. Her goal, she says, is for everyone to have “all the luxury you desire but without the compromise.”

“Whenever I desired something, I have a wanting of creating it myself,” she adds.

This isn’t the designer’s first foray into footwear. Early this year, she developed a number of faux-leather heels for supermodel Amber Valletta’s Master & Muse store.

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