Born from a year of natural disasters, nuclear catastrophe, and financial collapse, Jaida Hay presents her Spring and Summer line for 2013. Entitled, “Less is More”, the collection takes its inspiration from the cycle of creativity and rebirth that comes from destruction and degradation. Victorian elements are contrasted with sheer, diaphanous layers and delicate, fluid fabrics. Distressed and unfinished edges hint to the running theme of ruin and salvation. Muted colors are balanced anchored by black pieces, drawing parallels between the colors of the sky against a dark earth. As a designer committed to sustainability, her collection features organic silk, Ahimsa silk, a silk/lurex blend, recycled polyester, British wool, and Tencel.

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This Spring and Summer, the notions of rising up from tragedy and renewal are central to Jaida Hay’s line. Always concerned over sustainability and social equity, each piece is hand crafted from eco-friendly textiles in the UK.

“Sustainability is important to the collection because we all need to think about the future of the world in which we live. We have to try to do the best to move things forward while being socially and environmentally responsible. I believe it’s important to keep production with in the UK for two reasons. Firstly, we have an incredibly skilled, aging workforce that we need to learn from and continue to pass their invaluable knowledge down to younger generations before it’s lost. Secondly, I believe in using local talents and aiding the society in which we live.” says Hay.

Not focused on fleeting trends or the concept of “fast fashion”, the garments are intended to last for seasons to come. Encouraging the wearer to be comfortable and confident, Hay believes that ease of wear does not have to be sacrificed for style. Clothing that combines timeless appeal with an edge not only help contribute to longevity, but adds to the how one values the piece. And of course, knowing the line was made with great attention to the environment and social values never goes out of fashion.

+ Jaida Hay