The next wave in wearables may not be something to do with technology, but could be to help the transport of goods. The JakToGo combines your carry-on and your jacket to let you take 10 kg more of baggage with you. Frequent travelers might just delight in the ability to bring more stuff with them on the plane while minimize baggage fees. Load up your JakToGo with clothes or other goods and smuggle your baggage through airport check-in and security. Once on the plane, you can fold the jacket up into a bag in the overhead storage and never have to worry about excess baggage fees again.

Started by engineer John Power, JakToGo provides travelers a way to avoid excess baggage fees at the airport by bringing all your luggage on with you. Besides the standard roller bag, travelers can carry another personal item and of course you can have your coat too. JakToGo is part jacket and part bag that can carry up to 10 kg of goods. It can also be folded up into a shoulder bag when you don’t want to wear it as a jacket.

The Bulgarian company offers the JakToGo in three styles – JakToGo, PonchoToGo and DressToGo as well as three fabrics, polyester, denim and leather starting at $70.49. A thrilling video shows a man packing up three days worth of clothes into his JakToGo. While not necessarily a fashion item, the JakToGo certainly is utilitarian and in practical terms, sorta makes sense.

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[Via Springwise]