Photo by Attila Jandi/Shutterstock

“There are lists out there. I can’t tell you where they are, but generally if you are getting something very cheap—clothes or food—that’s almost certainly proof that people weren’t paid the way they should be paid for it.

“[We need to] reduce the unsustainable lifestyle that places demands on the environment and the rest of society…I don’t mean just rich people. A working woman who doesn’t make a lot of money can still go out a buy a new dress for every date she has when she could be buying a good one more cheaply from a resale shop. The resources of the planet will end. We’re wasting at a faster rate than the forests can replenish.

“Each day what people do actually does make a difference. If billions make the right choices, the cumulative effect will be huge.”

—Esteemed primatologist Jane Goodall, speaking to the Tampa Bay Times on what we should or shouldn’t buy.