Keeping tires out of landfills is a tough job considering how many they are. (Multiply the number of cars on the road by four or in the case of large trucks, as much as 18.) Still, tire recycling has evolved beyond roping one onto a tree and calling it a swing. For one Japanese eco-fashion label, scrap tires are also grist for some pretty spectacular sneakers and bags.

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Seal has been making bags from tire tubes since 2006, but its foray into footwear is a recent development. The Sneaker 101, which made its debut on January 15, brought together the combined talents of Seal and Spingle, a shoe manufacturer that enlists local artisans in Hiroshima to cobble together its trademark sneakers. The Sneaker 101 will retail for 15,750 yen (around $175) and will begin shipping next month.

Each piece bears the treads of its previous life, telling the tale of the roads it once traveled.

But Seal’s original lineup of bags merits a closer look, as well. Tough-as-nails and waterproof, the sleek, masculine bags are ideal for commuters no matter how treacherous their route. Ranging from snappy briefcases to street-smart bike messengers, each bag bears the treads of its previous life—a tattoo, almost, that tells the tale of the roads it once traveled.

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[Via Japan Trends]