A JCPenney store in Pennsylvania was caught destroying unsold clothing from its Ralph Lauren: American Living line, reputedly to protect the integrity of the House of Lauren. Did no one learn anything from the H&M/Walmart fiasco? (Consumerist)

Monarchs, they’re just like us! Queen Elizabeth II was spotted wearing the same gown twice, except that her assistant swapped out the appliquéd birds and flowers for Swarovski crystal maple leaves. (Daily Mail)

Save time, gas, and agitation by cranking out your own digitally designed fabric using an inkjet printer. (Craftzine)

Liane Ludlow, proprietor of Fashion Conscience, curates a selection of ethical outfits for summer frolics—and the 137 weddings you’re sure to attend. (Guardian)

Punky Brewster actress Soleil Moon Frye and Target have launched an organic baby collection, under Fryes’ Little Seed label. (All the Rage)