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Comprising necklaces, rings, and earrings that intertwine in dizzying, unexpected ways, Lace pushes the limits of 3D printing as a medium.

To bring her vision to life, Wu collaborated with Stratasys, the same 3D fabricator behind some of Iris van Herpen’s more ambitious couture garments.

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Wu credits Stratasys’s technologies for ease with which she’s able to create different layers, densities, and gradients in a matter of hours, rather than months. All this, she says, would have been difficult to accomplish with conventional metalsmithing.

Because of 3D printing’s versatility, Wu is also able to play around with different materials, from thermoplastic polymers (such as nylon) to cast sterling silver. The technology, she adds, is poised to dominate the ready-to-wear fashion market.

“3D printing is transforming the design industry,” she says. “And the possibilities for the fashion and accessories markets are endless.”

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