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Kamm admits she never set out to be a “green designer”; the collection just evolved the way. “I was raised that way, and so was my husband,” she tells Ecouterre. “I have a very strong connection to the Earth, and therefore care deeply about it.”

Kamm favors clean lines, quality construction, and versatile silhouettes that she herself sports on a daily basis.

The fact that everything is produced locally in Los Angeles, where she can keep an eye on sourcing and production, as well as guarantee her workers a fair wage, is a source of pride for Kamm. Her design ethos is equally low-maintenance: The designer favors clean lines, quality construction, and versatile, easygoing silhouettes that she herself sports on a daily basis.

Kamm’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection, titled “Sanguine Moon,” draws inspiration from the idea of “hunters working their way through the forest floor on the brightest full moon of the year,” she says. Historically, a “sanguine” or “hunter’s” moon, which occurs in October, spurred men and women in northern Europe to stockpile food for the impending winter. To reflect the change in season, Kamm filled her line with plaids, heavy cotton-duck canvases, and leather, as well as more literal representations of the heavenly body.

Still, she understands better than most that “sustainable fashion” is a contradiction in terms. While she’ll keep creating, Kamm won’t be ruled by the vagaries of the fashion industry. “There is a good chance that I may not be on the fashion schedule of two seasons a year,” she says.

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