Bare is an eco-accessories brand with more than one celebrity connection. Its co-founder, Justin Biel, is the brother of actress Jessica Biel and, through her, brother-in-law of multihyphenate artist Justin Timberlake. But the lesser Biel has a different star attraction in mind for his nascent business: coffee sacks. Based in Colorado, Bare makes totes, backpacks, and pouches from repurposed burlap. (Upcycled sails and brewery grain bags are being considered, as well.) Justin has at least one fan—his older sister. Jessica, who’s a partner in Bare, is currently the only one to carry a tote. “It’s my set bag,” she tells Vogue. “It has all my scripts, all my stuff, all of my character stuff, it comes with me every day to work.”

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[Via Vogue]