Jigsaw wants to remind you that clothing is for life, not the landfill. In its latest ad campaign, the British apparel retailer juxtaposes fresh pieces from its Autumn/Winter 2015 collection with vintage Jigsaw items on loan from its customers. Coupled with stories from longtime Jigsaw fans about the history behind their tan leather bag or blue Oxford shirt à la Worn Stories, the campaign is a paean to mindful consumption, as well as a respite from today’s “fast fashion” world.

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“We wanted this campaign to build on the success of our ‘Style & Truth’ platform by celebrating the truth that Jigsaw clothes last beautifully and are still as wearable today as they were the day they were bought,” Peter Ruis, CEO of Jigsaw, said in a statement. “We design and create products for life, and that is reflected by the number our customers who still wear vintage Jigsaw clothing with pride—30 years later.”

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Coincidentally, Jigsaw’s campaign dovetails with H&M’s own call to keep clothing out of the trash heap, but with one marked difference: You’d never hear H&M bragging about the longevity of its product.

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