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Meet the “Real Housewives of Bushwick,” the latest collection by eco-punk designer JoAnn Berman. Inspired by the Brooklyn neighborhood where Berman is based, the Pre-Fall line is all about “Brooklyn and steampunk and computers and digi-spying,” she tells Ecouterre.

Bushwick girls have “that Bushwick swagger and are all spying on each other,” says Berman of her inspiration.

The use of vintage fabrics is, of course, Berman’s calling card, but she also called upon technical fabrics, including neoprene and spandex, for the “digi” aspect of the line. And what makes Bushwick more deserving of its own clothing line than any other New York borough? “Girls in Bushwick are a little tougher,” explains Berman. “They have that Bushwick swagger and are all spying on each other because it’s such a cool, small community.”

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