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Bartlett first learned about the inherent cruelty of factory farming through Gene Baur, Farm Sanctuary’s president and co-founder. “Gene came to my fall presentation and we spoke about creating something that could make a statement about farm animals with hopes of reaching a fashion audience,” he tells Ecouterre.

For every $40 shirt sold, 10 percent of the proceeds will go towards ending cruelty to farm animals.

A recent convert to veganism, Bartlett wants to communicate his belief that all creatures, big or small, are worthy of compassion and respect. “I am an avid companion animal rescue advocate and feel that what Farm Sanctuary does is an incredibly important mission,” he adds. “They are working to save farm animals from the horrific life at factory farms and that inspires me beyond words.”

Bartlett and Farm Sanctuary are by no means short of allies. They count among their ranks Vaute Couture designer Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, who helped model the looks. “Farm Sanctuary is no question my favorite place on Earth,” she says. “Each animal at Farm Sanctuary has a story and spending time with them is like getting to see a piece of the future where animals aren’t treated as commodities but as friends. These tees remind us first of the individuals that suffer each day on factory farms, and then of how many there are going through this every year.”

For every $40 shirt sold, 10 percent of the proceeds will go towards Farm Sanctuary’s mission to end cruelty to farm animals. “Science shows that cows, pigs, chickens, and other farm animals are just as intelligent and emotional as the dogs and cats we share our lives with, yet on modern factory farms they are treated by the billions like unfeeling machinery and subjected to cruelty so shocking most people can’t bear to watch more than a few seconds of undercover video before turning away in horror,” says Baur. “Through this collection, we hope to bring these forgotten animals out into public view and help people think about the food choices they make.”

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