Bonk members also stand to receive tickets to Poverty to Pants’ annual party, access to the Pants to Poverty advisory board, and the chance to visit the company’s farm and factory partners in India firsthand.

Bonk members also stand to visit the company’s farm and factory partners in India firsthand.

By working with Chetna Organic and its network of independent farmers, Pants to Poverty offers an alternative to the industry status quo, one that’s plagued by genetically modified seeds, rampant pesticide use, and suicides as a result of the ensuing debt. For Ben Ramsden, the label’s founder, Pants to Poverty isn’t just buying fabric and underwear from factories and selling them, it’s building an entire community-based value chain.

Pants to Poverty will channel its Bonk funds to fuel sales of its sustainable skivvies, as well as support various social projects—including entrepreneurship, education, organizational development, natural resource management, seed security, and living wages—for over 15,000 farmers across 1,000 villages in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Odisha.

“No matter who you are or what you earn, you can support us in achieving our target, not just with money but also by spreading our message to make poverty history through the power of pants,” says Ramsden. “The money raised will carry great social impact throughout the supply chain as it enables the expansion and scaling of a business model which proves fashion can change the world—from cotton to bottom!”

In brief, a cheeky way of creating real change in the world.

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