Julia Roebuck is a British designer who creates eye-catching London street-chic pieces by recycling used or discarded garments from various sources. Roebuck’s got her mind set on more than just a design label; she’s marching her way to the top of the fashion food chain to figure out how to make the industry less wasteful.

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Roebuck created her first designs as a part of her final-year project at the Chelsea College of Arts and Design in London, including a dress she stitched together from three pairs of unworn pants. Salvaged from Oxfam’s Wastesaver program, the “faulty” pants went home with Roebuck, who then worked her magic to make turn them into something you’d be hard-pressed to find fault with.

Roebuck is spitting out hip upcycled designs while dissecting the inner workings of the fashion industry.

Currently at London College of Fashion getting an M.A. in fashion and the environment, Roebuck is spitting out hip designs while she dissects the inner workings of the fashion industry. She’s convinced that the discarded odds and ends, faulty clothing, and unwanted items can be useful on a mass scale instead of wasteful. Her clothes aren’t available in boutiques just yet but there are plans for a line in the future. Until then, you can follow her work on her blog.

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