Vasic, who’s designed for brands such as Michael Kors, Libertine, Victoria’s Secret, and Cynthia Rowley, launched her line as a direct response to fast fashion. “By salvaging materials destined from landfill in my local area, I am saving energy and breathing life into something worn out,” she tells Ecouterre. “I want my customers to think differently about materials and repurposing items in their own lives.”

Vasic can also turn a much-loved T-shirt into a custom piece of jewelry.

When it comes to cotton jersey, Vasic considers herself obsessed. “I love how it feels against skin and how it drapes,” says Vasic. “It’s such a wonderful fabric and there are so many discarded worn-out T-shirts in the world, I knew I could make something beautiful out of them.”

Have a T-shirt you can’t bear to part with? For a little extra, Vasic will create a custom piece so you can hang onto it for a little longer. You just want the world to know who you are, after all.

+ Julia Vasic