A new wearable UV monitor can now give you tailored advice about how much sun you should really be getting. June is a glittering jewel-like button that can be worn on a bracelet or pinned to your clothes. Used to measure sun intensity in real time, June works with a smartphone app to track your daily exposure and alerts you when you’ve had enough. The app also works to advice you on sunscreen and how to minimize sun damage and premature skin aging.

Most people don’t want to get sunburned or damage their skin, but it’s also hard to know when you’ve been over served by the sun. It can often be too late when we realize we’ve had too much and our skin is already pink or exposed too long. June was designed not only for the fair-skinned, but for those concerned about sun damage and premature skin aging.

June uses a wearable monitor that can be attached to a wrap bracelet or your clothes as a broach and works in conjunction with a smartphone app. The diamond faceted monitor comes in platinum, gold or gunmetal and soaks up the sun, just like you do. Working wirelessly with the app, June tracks your total UV exposure for the day and then gives tailored advice based on habits. Maybe it’s time for a hat or it’s time to apply more sunscreen and maybe it’s time just to get out of the sun altogether.

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