Before Segways and Stridas became de rigeur, rollerblades were the pinnacle of human-powered conveyance. Inline skating’s glory days may be behind it, but for folks who are waxing nostalgic, K2 Skates has a tuned-up, post-millennial update that it dubs the world’s first sustainable skate.

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Available in both men’s (Etu) and women’s (Maia) versions, K2’s “Eco” rollerblade comprises a breathable boot—laces, webbing, lining and all—made from recycled plastic bottles. In lieu of an aluminum or steel chassis, the skate features a frame constructed from bamboo. Plus, you won’t find a lick of toxic PVC in these mobile kicks.

K2’s “Eco” rollerblade comprises a boot made from recycled PET, along with a bamboo frame.

Still, K2 admits that its skates will never be 100 percent sustainable, but it will continue to look into greener materials that it can incorporate across its entire product line. Also in the works: A take-back program for burned-out blades. Till then, a few suggestions for old skates:

  1. Use your old wheels on your luggage.
  2. Remove all metal parts. All metals can be recycled normally.
  3. Uppers can be taken to the local Nike store for shredding.
  4. Plastic bases and cuffs need to be delivered to a recycling facility.
  5. Donate your skates to a local boys and girls club or after school program.

+ Maia $189.95; Etu $189.95 at Summit Online

+ K2 Skates