Photo from AWEAR

“I would really like there to be more honest discussions about the environmental impact of the fashion industry. I don’t know how and where that will ever happen.

“There have been so many talks with the sustainability coordinator for H&M on down to really great brands like Patagonia. Nothing tangible seems to come from it.

“It would just be nice to hear people really say, ‘Yes! This is something that’s really serious.’

“Fashion is supposed to be fun and make you feel good—those are the two main components of why people shop. They want to feel pretty, or beautiful, or strong, or whatever. The emotional connection that they have to a certain look or garment is strong.

“When you start talking about how toxic the dye process is and the people that are being abused who make the garment, it’s not fun or sexy.”

—Kate McGregor, proprietor of pioneering eco-fashion boutique KAIGHT, speaking to Pioneer Mode about a key obstacle to change in the industry.