For those of us who already wear a regular watch, Kairos T-Band can turn that favorite accessory into a smart watch. The smart band can do everything the new smart watches can do including activity tracking, phone notifications, music, navigation and more. This way you can keep your watch, express your personality, and get all the high tech features you want to keep you connected.

Kairos T-Band can be added to almost any watch to replace your existing band with a smart band. There are three different models depending on the level of interactivity you want. Kairos ND (no display) is the basic band without a display that monitors all your activities and sleep and also notifies you of calls and texts with a vibrator and multi-colored LEDs. T-Band HD (hidden display) is a discrete display that shows a bit more data like steps taken, calories, distance as well as push notifications on a slim LED display. When in default mode, the display is dark and looks just like a normal band. Finally, the T-Band OD (OLED display) that offers a full video display with notifications, activity tracking and on-board mic to take voice commands.

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Battery life of the band extends your phone’s battery time, but depends on which model you choose. Naturally, the OLED display band uses up a lot more juice than the band without a display. Kairos also offers you the option of a matching analog watch in silver, rose gold or black that can be combined with the T-Band for full functionality. Prices for the Kairos T-Band ND start at $149 and up to $199 for the OD version. Kairos recently ran an IndiGoGo campaign to raise funds for their first production and it was fully funded three times over.

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