TOMS may have made the humanitarian concept of footwear famous, but Kandals hopes to bring a sustainable front to the industry through their line of versatile slip-on flats for women. Kandals’ creators noted that the footwear market lacked a fully sustainable effort and recognized the contradiction that lay in other companies’ side-by-side collections of both vegan and leather footwear designs. Born from a desire to create a company that had a transparent and sustainable message, the collection  of shoes hatched after several prototypes to find the perfect pair. The result was a collection of footwear made entirely from plant-friendly, cruelty-free materials.

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Simply designed and incredibly versatile, Kandals flats are made in Spain and constructed with 100 percent eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and natural rubber. Adding to the sustainability factor, each pair of Kandals flats are machine washable to lengthen their life.

The company also saw the opportunity to allow consumers to make a difference by the simple act of making a purchase. The company partners with Trees for the Future, a non-profit organization, that plants trees in deforested areas of Africa with each Kandals purchase. So far, purchases of Kandals have helped to plant trees in Ethiopia and Kenya.

The company started out with a small collection of slip-on flats for women in a casual design. Most recently the line expanded to include feminine ballet flats in a variety of colors and prints. No matter what the occasion, Kandals helps you fill fulfill two needs with one simple deed. Buy a pair and plant a tree. Simple and effective.

+ Ballet Flats $48; Canvas Classics $38-$42

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