Okay, so when you think of fashion icons Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld, the words “do-gooder” and “responsible fashion” aren’t exactly what spring to mind. But Danish clothing company A Question Of is trying to give these en vogue bigwigs a positive spin with its newest line of organic cotton T-shirts. Both the “Conscious Karl” and “Conscious Anna” tees feature inky caricatures of their namesakes as “eco-yuppies” and are made in Tanzania under fair-trade working conditions.

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The quirky shirts, which are designed by Trine Nielsen, have a humorous slant: The tees Lagerfeld and Wintour are shown wearing are actual A Question Of designs. Each tee is available in both men’s and women’s cuts, in regular or cropped styles. In addition to being fairly made, the tops are also made of GOTS-certified organic African cotton.

The tops are made from GOTS-certified organic African cotton under fair-trade conditions.

Like the shirts but prefer a different fashion deity? Check out this adorable Twiggy version.

+ Conscious Anna; Conscious Karl €48

+ A Question Of