When it comes to conveying a message, the best approach is often the most direct one. Which is why Selfridges is kicking off its “Project Ocean” campaign this summer with a little assist from the undisputed queen of the slogan tee herself: British designer Katharine Hamnett. To call attention to the plight of the oceans—as well as the deleterious consequences of overfishing—the high-end U.K. department store is raising money in support of a new marine-protected area. Besides offering exclusive products by Hamnett and footwear designer Tabitha Simmons, Selfridges is also turning over its world-famous Oxford Street facade to artists such as American sculptor Jason Hackenwerth, artist Beth Derbyshire, and light master Chris Levine.

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Project Ocean is part of a larger, permanent commitment from the retail chain. Besides forking over £50,000 towards the creation and management of a a marine-protected area, Selfridges also pledges to sell only sustainably harvested fish in its food halls and restaurants.

Selfridges pledges to sell only sustainably harvested fish in its food halls and restaurants.

“Research suggests that unless we change the way we source fish, global stocks will be fully exploited within the next generation,” says Alannah Weston, Selfridges’ creative director. “We believe Selfridges can help to make a difference by our stocking sustainably sourced fish, helping our customers to make positive choices, and using our stores creatively as a platform to get people talking about the issues.”

Project Ocean, which the store developed with environmental organizations such as the Zoological Society of London and the Marine Conservation Society, will run from May 11 to June 12, 2011.

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